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My last post I promised to discuss some early moments in my life.   Well, like my wife says, I am oftentimes like the dog who is walking along and suddenly the surprise appearance of a squirrel takes my attention.  Oh well…it is tough being me…..  :-)

I have so many different interests (and ask too many questions)  and one of them is working on focus…focus….focus…..was that a locust (squirrel!!!!!) I just saw?  No of course not.  It is 30 degrees out.   A glorious sunny and cold day in Chicago, USA.   That is why we love it here.

On a serious note today is “Giving Tuesday”.  The official web site is  What is Giving Tuesday?  Well according to Wikipedia – the most authoritative web site on the planet.  I say that in jest.  I love Wikipedia (squirrel!!!!!) .  It is a wealth of information.  I use it all the time and – for a volunteer run organization (squirrel!!!!!) – it is an exceptional source of pretty accurate information.  Oh right back to the subject at hand… “Giving Tuesday” was started in 2012, led by an organization-  92nd Street Y- to capture the generous spirit of the Holiday Season (reference:

Well if you feel that spirit of giving today please consider  “Without-Warning” a Rush Hospital support group that deals with Younger Onset Alzheimer’s Disease.

Here is the link to make a tax deductible donation to a Documentary Project that  is development stages:

While I have don’t have any personal experience with a family member or friend who has or is suffering from this terrible disease I have had the opportunity to be around folks with the disease.  Alzheimer’s  is terrible affliction- imagine a parent, a sibling, a son or daughter in their 30’s, 40’s or 50’s who develop the disease.  It robs them and their family members of so much so quickly and there is no cure.

The documentary I mention above will not solve the disease, but it will raise awareness and hopefully through greater awareness more resources for medical research will help mitigate the terrible affects of this disease.


(c) Ronald R. Searl. 2014

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Welcome to my new personal blog site.

Welcome to my personal blog site.  My goal with this site is to write a series of personal essay’s about by life.  Not that I have had a particularly interesting life, but I do have some things to say.  Because of the nature of this blog I apologize upfront that you will not find it very sequential.  It is not by design.  I think as things to come to mind I will write about them.  Ideas are sometimes triggered by something I had not thought of previously.  Or I have a current personal experience that reminds me of something or of one of the fascinating people I have had the blessing of meeting in my 50+ years of existence.

I hope you will find interesting.  I hope you will feel free to add you own comments and questions.  Feedback is always a good thing.

My next entry will give you brief overview of my various Illinois living locations, some insight as to why and an introduction to growing up in a small town with a physical disability.


(c) Ronald R. Searl. 2014


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